Wahine Sailing Series

The Wahine Sailing Series consists of 8 regattas throughout the year for wahine skippers and crews. The culmination of the series recognizes the season’s top skipper* by awarding the North Sails Wahine Skipper of the Year perpetual trophy.

The regattas range from UH FJs to big boats and are hosted by UH, PHYC, PYC, HYC, WYC & KYC. All regattas other than the big boats are full wahine crew.

Please check out our Facebook group for the latest updates, discussions, and announcements on this series. Included here are the NOS, results, and NORs for each regatta as they become available. 

Notification of regattas is also available via HYRA.US

To be included in hyra's email blasts, send your request to: hyra.publicity@gmail.com


The Wahine Sailing Series committee is working on improving our communications platform with hopes of making changes in 2023.

For more information on the series, connect with your yacht club’s liaison:

Leslie Foster (WYC/KYC)
Andrea Cheung (HYC/KYC)
Maddy Kennedy (UH/KYC)

Becky LaPolice (PHYC)

Linda Ladeira (PYC)

Tracy Thorstad (PHYC)

Melody Fernandez (HYC)

Leandra Velasco (HYSA)

*Skippers who are members of a HYRA club and who are in good standing, are eligible to compete for the North Sails Wahine Skipper of the Year trophy.  

2023 Wahine Racing Series NOS (1-29-23).docx.pdf