HYRA Prescriptions to the Racing Rules of Sailing







The Racing Rules Committee shall consist of at least three (3) persons. The Chairman will be appointed by the Vice Commodore. Other members will be appointed by the Chairman. All members of the committee shall be US SAILING certified judges. It shall promulgate as Special or standing instructions those decisions of the several committees of the Association which are permissible modification of the International Sailing Federation Racing Rules of Sailing, to the end that the desired principles be fully expressed in concise understandable terms. When requested, it will assist in determining the adequacy of course description and of other items for sailing instructions for a sponsored or sanctioned event.






2. HYRA Prescriptions - For Sponsored and Sanctioned Races/Regattas



The Sailing Instructions for a regatta shall not repeat these Standing Instructions, but shall contain instead the following: "Rules: The race will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing; the prescriptions of US SAILING; the prescriptions of HYRA; (except as any of these are altered by the Sailing Instructions); and by these Sailing Instructions.


A. RRS 42, PROPULSION. Except for late starters or emergencies, engines may not be used for propulsion between the Preparatory Signal and the Finish. A late starter must, after its Start Signal, on the pre-course side of the starting line, execute a full 720 turn after shutting off its engine or dropping its tow before starting. Whenever an engine or tow is used for these situations, the facts shall be reported to the Race Committee within the time limit for filing of protests.


B. RRS 44, ALTERNATIVE PENALTIES. A boat that does not comply with all the requirements of Rule 44.3 but acknowledges an infringement prior to a hearing, shall be penalized 50% of the number of boats entered.


C. RRS 75, ENTERING A RACE: HYRA prescribes that a boat may not protest for an alleged breach of RRS 75.2 with respect to ISAF Regulation 21.1(b). This changes RRS 60.1(a).


D. RRS 77, IDENTIFICATION ON SAILS: HYRA prescribes that each boat shall comply with RRS 77 and Appendix G, except that for local racing, a boat with a US SAILING offshore number may carry only the last three or less significant digits.


E. RRS 83, SCORING. In accordance with RRS 88.3 and Appendix A:


DNC & DSQ will be scored points one more than the number of boats entered in the series.

DNS, OCS, DNF & RAF will be scored points equal to the number of boats ranking as starters in that race, modifying RRS A4.2.


Series Ties shall be broken in accordance with RRS A8, with the following exception: In handicap racing, if a tie still remains after applying RRS A8.1, the tie shall be broken in favor of the boat with the lowest total corrected time, modifying RRS A8.2.



a. All boats racing in an offshore event shall comply with the US SAILING Recommendations for Offshore Sailing, including ORC Special Regulations & US SAILING Offshore Multihull Regulations, as amended by HYRA, for the category of race designated in the Sailing Instructions.


b. Penalty for breaking an offshore safety regulation shall be a 10% scoring penalty applied to her finishing position, but not less than one place.


G. COURSE SAFETY. A boat that is racing shall not pass between vessels of a tow.


H. SINGLE HANDED OFFSHORE RACING: An offshore racing boat shall not be raced single-handed unless so specified by the Sailing Instructions.


I. SINGLE ENTRIES: An entered boat appearing at the start alone in her class shall be entitled to start at her scheduled time, unless the Race Committee instructs her to start with another class. In either case, she shall be deemed the winner in her class for that race if she completes one lap of a multi-lap course or completes the full course of a point-to-point race.


J. HYRA ECOLOGY RULE: Non-biodegradable matter shall not be thrown overboard from the time a boat leaves its mooring until it returns thereto. Truly accidental incidents are excluded hereunder.


K. HYRA APPEALS POLICY: Appeals shall be filed with the HYRA Executive Secretary by appellant or Race Committee within 15 days of a protest committee rendering a decision. All appeals shall be accompanied by a $10.00 non-refundable filing fee ($45.00 for non-members of US SAILING).